Why Unlocking Exposure Is The Key To Getting Promoted

Opportunities are everywhere. Even in difficult times the world is full of opportunities waiting to be grasped. However, more often than not, the thing getting in the way of us taking advantage of these opportunities isn’t external factors, it’s us!

We can overthink things, second guess ourselves into believing we don’t have enough resources, knowledge or charisma to get that promotion. Ultimately, as people we are all very good at finding reasons to not take action.

However, we all have amazing potential inside ourselves waiting to be unlocked, if only we knew how…

Elevate Talent is incredibly excited to announce the new Unlocking series of webinars that start this Thursday. It’s a clarion call for mid-level professional women to dig deep within themselves so that their skills are recognised, rewarded, and actively supported as they climb the corporate career wall (whilst directly benefiting your organisation).

E is for exposure

Like everything we do at Elevate Talent, these webinars will be following the EPIC formula®, and where better to start than with E.

E is for exposure. When we think of exposure in the corporate setting, often it can be seen as a big song-and-dance routine to get attention or having to come up with a brilliant new idea that will shock the world. This hero mentality makes us forget that the biggest benefits of exposure are the small, day-to-day acts that all build up to give you the leverage you need in your career.

An Elevate client recently posted a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King which sums this up perfectly, “If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.”

Little and often is the way to win

As we always say, climbing the career wall is first about having a strategy and then doing those right yet small things on a daily basis.

The webinar that goes live on Thursday will reveal to our delegates a very valuable, but often elusive, skill that means we are taken seriously, our contributions are considered important, and we are trusted and respected. This then opens you up to a whole new world of new opportunities.

We will be sharing three key approaches which are simple and easy to transfer into the day-to-day so that others find you impressive, credible and reliable. As we always say; success is much more to do with what others see in you, rather than what you see in yourself.

Our new Unlocking series runs from now till April and is going to be packed full of simple, practical tools and strategies to make sure people know who you are and the value you bring to the table.

Interested in knowing why you or your team aren’t progressing as fast as you’d like? Complete our scorecard to find out your visibility score and let me know how you get on.

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