Accelerate the potential of your whole
female talent pipeline
Accelerate the potential of your whole
female talent pipeline

What makes the Elevate programme so different?

The Elevate programme is a virtual training programme for your female talent pipeline. A ‘done for you’ solution with a proven track record of delivering results. Elevate is a simple scalable virtual programme that helps businesses build better gender balance at every level across the world. A license based, self-selecting and scalable solution for your organisation’s needs and budget.

Elevate is revolutionary because it empowers women to take more control of their career. Offering short, focussed, pragmatic bursts of learning in just 60 minutes, which fit well into busy work schedules. Our monthly training sessions are action focused, interactive, high impact and cost effective, with no need for time out of the office. Covering a range of topics affecting women’s progression in business.

Providing you with improved engagement and retention across your global workforce.

Elevate develops and accelerates the whole female talent pipeline


Licensed based scalable webinars

Short focused bursts of learning

Interactive pragmatic business led sessions

Action focused


Accelerate career development

Improve engagement and retention

Easily scales to support female talent at all levels

Leads to that all important behaviour change


The whole female talent pipeline

Women across the globe

Managers and leaders who are ready to be EPIC!

Hidden talent at all levels

If you’re only using half your talent pipeline, can you be getting the best results?

  • In the 21st century business world women still face real and specific challenges as they progress through organisations.
  • Many organisations focus their women’s development programmes only on those identified as top talent.
  • A diverse workforce is at the centre of business performance and profitability.
  • Are you ready to empower your future women leaders?
  • Then it’s time to contact us at Elevate!

Here's what some of our participants said about their time with Elevate:​

“I have learnt so many things and/or just get the awareness of attitudes and actions that I was doing without knowing about it…It is pragmatic, the format of 1h per month is very convenient and gives us time to think about the learnings and try to apply them.”

Delphine Baudouin, Manager, Product Panning - Volvo
"Something tangible that I can take away and apply immediately. Highly recommended for those who are serious about their career."

Jan Sinclair - IBM
"Your session has become the highlight of the month – I really enjoy every minute!"

Emma Lindoff - Volvo
"I must say I am loving the Elevate Webinars. Very practical. Very useful. Very applicable."

Joy Aboim – Cisco
"The online lessons are like a "stock cube", highly compressed, high-quality concentrate. If you work through the worksheets you get a full picture and understanding of the learning content."

Simone Weber - SKF
"This is by far the best leadership training I have taken! The content will follow me for the rest of my career."

Olivia Sesevic - Volvo
"I'm very impressed with this program - each webinar brings something new for me (both at work and in my private life). I write down a lot of your tips and I plan to use one of them on my first day in my new job - it is regarding the magic minute rule!"

Ewa Cybula - Volvo
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