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Welcome to Elevate, where we empower women to ascend as leaders in today’s dynamic landscape. For companies to flourish in the 21st Century, it is crucial that they cultivate a diverse pool of talent armed with robust leadership skills.

Traditionally, organisations have focused on advancing women in senior positions or identified top talent. While crucial, this approach only scratches the surface. To drive real change, we must cultivate a strong pipeline of emerging leaders, unlocking the potential of a much larger talent pool. Empowering women early in their careers isn’t just beneficial; it’s essential for driving company success, enriching the talent pipeline, and achieving outstanding results.

Since our launch in 2016, over 9000 women have successfully completed our transformative virtual programme tailored for emerging female leaders. Through our EPIC Formula® – Exposure, Performance, Impact, and Consciousness – we’ve uncovered the keys to career success.

In September 2022, Elevate introduced the EPIC Career Self-Assessment Quiz, a tool participants utilise at both the beginning and end of the programme. This quiz evaluates proficiency in the four pillars of the EPIC Formula®, with responses graded on a scale from Stationary, Steady, Strong to Star.

The data gathered from these pre- and post-assessments culminated in our inaugural EPIC Report, showcasing the remarkable progress achieved over the 12-month programme. The results reveal significant enhancements in each pillar, illustrating the profound impact achievable through our concise 60-minute monthly virtual sessions. Not only is this approach highly effective, but it also offers a cost-efficient solution for organisations seeking to foster leadership development for their female talent.

In essence, Elevate equips future female leaders with the certainty of skills that set them apart and provides a clear blueprint for success. This empowers them to take initiative, drive innovation, and pursue ambitious goals. With a mindset geared toward leaving their comfort zones and seizing opportunities, they become catalysts for both personal and organisational success.

We hope you enjoy reading the report as much as we have cherished providing a nurturing environment for learning to a remarkable pool of future female leaders.

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The EPIC formula
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