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2023 -2024

Here is the Elevate schedule for 2023 and the start of 2024.

While we are a global community of over 50 countries, we are based in the United Kingdom.

Every month, the webinars run at 8am and 3pm UK time.

Please note the clocks change in the UK for summer for the months April through October and for winter for the months November through March. Please use this link for the international clock, in order to get the correct time for your time zone.

We do make this easy for you. When you register every month, there is a calendar invite in the email. Please use this to ensure the correct time goes into your calendar.

Please also check your calendar is set to your correct your local time (we know this sounds crazy, but you wouldn’t believe how often it isn’t).


‘Truly Effective…’

In busy careers, when being pulled in many directions, the focus is often how do I get it all done? How can I be more efficient? And here lies a hidden challenge. Being efficient is of course important – it’s how we execute the task with the best use of time and resources. What is often forgotten about or neglected is being effective… which is critical to delivering productive work with high quality end results.

Thursday September 21st
Truly Effective Recognition
Wednesday October 18th

Truly Effective Negotiation
Thursday November 16th

Truly Effective Persuasion
Tuesday December 12th

Truly Effective Leadership



What does it take to ‘master’ a particular skill? How much of a part do things like ‘natural’ talent, style preferences and genetics play?

And how long does it take? Is it weeks, months, or 10,000 hours?  

There are lots of differing opinions and confusing views out there. That’s why we break it down into two simple steps: the first is to be aware of and fully understand the skill and the second is to implement it.

Thursday January 25th
Mastering Visibility
Wednesday February 21st
Mastering Performance
Thursday March 21st

Mastering Communication
Wednesday April 17th
Mastering Confidence


Have you ever done something which worked out pretty well and then repeated it but with a very different outcome? What happened? How did it go wrong? A lot of the time it is because a small but important step was missed.There is an extraordinary power produced when things are broken down into their smallest parts, their simplest steps.
By knowing this and then taking each of these small steps, one at a time, the result is always explosive!

Thursday May 23rd
Atomic Value
Tuesday June 18th

Atomic Time
Wednesday July 17th

Atomic Energy
Thursday August 29th

Atomic Leadership

'Raising your…'

A lot of what we’re already doing will be the right strategies and tactics and so things will be going pretty well.
In a competitive business environment though, it is never wise to rest on your laurels.

As they say in Hollywood, you are only as good as your last film! That is why keeping the momentum going, honing your  skills and being ‘raising obsessed’ is key to make sure you are continuously upping your ‘game’, your growth and your progress. 

Tuesday September 24th
Raising your Profile
Wednesday October 23rd
Raising your Courage
Thursday November 21st
Raising your Influence
Tuesday December 10th

Raising your Leadership

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