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Congratulations on stepping up for this opportunity! Nothing beats experience, and being an Elevate Ambassador will provide you with invaluable leadership skills. You may be surprised by how much you’ll grow in this role. From the feedback we have received from past ambassadors, taking on this responsibility has proven to be a catalyst for embracing a leadership mindset. Additionally, it has deepened their grasp of Elevate’s monthly sessions and enhanced their networking skills and networks beyond their own organisations.

Elevate Ambassadors have created a safe space within their groups where members can openly discuss their experiences, exchange ideas, and explore ways to apply strategies discussed during the monthly sessions.

One of the fabulous discoveries for the ambassadors has been the discovery of similar experiences and values across different roles and countries, particularly in STEM fields, making the Action Calls come alive with shared ideas and perspectives.

The Role

Time commitment:

    • Action Call: Monthly, 30-45 minutes
    • EPIC Call: Bi-monthly, 60 minutes
    • Communication with Elevate: Monthly, 15 minutes on average
    • Social media engagement: Monthly, 15 minutes on average

At the beginning of your ambassadorship, there will be a Welcome Call to introduce you to the role’s requirements.

Your main duty involves leading a monthly Action Call with your assigned group, where you’ll oversee all communications and interactions within the group. We provide guidelines for each call to assist you.

Effective communication is key in this role, both with your group and with Elevate. To facilitate this, we ask that you complete an attendance spreadsheet for each call, recording each member’s feedback and rating for the session.

Additionally, there are bi-monthly EPIC Calls that all ambassadors to attend with Jacqueline. These sessions serve as valuable coaching opportunities and provide a chance for ambassadors to get to know one another

What are the perks of becoming an Elevate Ambassador?

Ambassadors will be given:

  • A one-year full membership to Elevate
  • Exclusive invitations to bi-monthly ‘EPIC’ calls with our founder, Jacqueline Frost. These sessions offer the chance to address any queries raised by participants and delve deeper into webinar topics.
  • A signed copy of Jacqueline’s book ‘Finding Your EPIC’ – out in 2024!

To apply, please complete the form below (applications close Wednesday, 13th March 2024)

Please answer the following questions:
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