Sit back, relax and enjoy our latest articles...

Sit back, relax and enjoy our latest articles…
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Truly Effective Feedback: A Guide to Leadership, Growth, and Win-Win Success

As we wrap up the Truly Effective series with a focus on leadership, a key question emerges: What skill must we hone to become truly effective leaders?  Think about this: a significant portion of our daily tasks can be put into two main areas.

Firstly, we are consistently engaged in problem-solving. Whether it’s devising innovative solutions or sharing our ideas effectively to address challenges, the ability to navigate problem-solving is a cornerstone of leadership.

Secondly, a substantial part of our daily efforts revolves around working with people. The collaborative nature of leadership entails understanding and effectively managing relationships to achieve collective goals.

So, a fundamental question arises: What indispensable tool can leaders use to enhance performance, solve problems, inspire others, and cultivate a culture of growth?

The answer is feedback.

Compelling Statistics:

Backing this assertion are compelling statistics highlighting the benefits of feedback:

  1. Managers who receive feedback on their strengths exhibit 8.9% greater profitability.*
  2. 75% of respondents believe that feedback is valuable.*

However, despite the apparent benefits of feedback, fewer than 30% of respondents state they receive it.  Why is this?  It’s because the delivery often proves to be a delicate matter, with the potential for it landing badly and ending up having the opposite effect. How do we navigate this challenge?  The first step is to recognise that, like many things, it is more complex than it initially seems.

Navigating the Complexity

Yet, within this complexity, there are actionable steps that leaders can take to ensure that feedback is given constructively and positively, both in its receipt and delivery. By embracing these steps, leaders can transform feedback into a powerful catalyst for improvement, fostering an environment conducive to ongoing growth and success.

A Two-Way Street:

The thing is, mastering the art of giving feedback is a skill set that goes beyond providing constructive input to others; it’s a dynamic two-way street. As we gain a greater understanding of offering feedback, we simultaneously enhance our ability to express and request the specific type of feedback we are seeking for our career growth.

By understanding the nuances of giving effective feedback, we gain a heightened awareness of our own developmental needs at the various stages of our careers. This awareness becomes a valuable compass, leading to the feedback we receive becoming more aligned with our personal growth objectives.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is giving feedback is a valuable skill that not only empowers us to guide others but also sharpens our ability to navigate and communicate our own developmental journey. It’s a win-win scenario.

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*Studies done by Gallup and PWC respectively