From Setbacks To Triumphs: An Inspiring Story About Determination & Perspective
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From Setbacks To Triumphs: An Inspiring Story About Determination & Perspective

By Jacqueline Frost with Ghenwa Habbal

In this week’s episode of Finding Your EPIC, host Jacqueline Frost sits down with Ghenwa Habbal, author, coach, and Regional Talent Management Lead at Ford Middle East & Africa. They discuss overcoming adversity, the importance of self love and critical thinking, and finding inspiration from people around us.

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When life takes a U-turn

Ghenwa Habbal had a wonderful childhood: loved by her parents and surrounded by a great group of friends. 

But one day, everything changed.

Ghenwa’s parents experienced bankruptcy, and at just 15 years old Ghenwa went out into the world and got her first job.

Ghenwa: “I started really early. I didn’t have a choice, but what really helped me is learning how to look at any situation in my life in a positive way. I know it’s not easy when you’re in the problem itself, but it’s the power of your mindset. Creating and learning these techniques – you can use them to detach your own self from the problem so you can start seeing it as an opportunity rather than a problem.”

How determined are you?

When I founded Elevate Talent it was because of my genuine belief that the female talent in large companies was often overlooked and undervalued. For almost 8 years, we’ve been working to change that, helping businesses to tap into the power of their female pipeline.

But I know the world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. There will always be people, situations, and expectations that try to put us in a box, keep us small, and set us up to fail.

It is in these moments that we evidence our determination. But before we even consider whether or not we can get through these moments, we need to think about how much we want to. 

What are we working towards? How much do we want what’s on the other side? What are we prepared to do to get there?

Ghenwa: “I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. And that light was my source of determination. That light was my dream. That light was my goal. And this is what kept me going. I learned that I am the kind of person who doesn’t like to settle for less.”

Ghenwa has certainly lived true to the promise she made to her 15 year old self: to never settle for less, and I am sure that after hearing her story you will be confident that she truly embodies epic determination.

To listen to Ghenwa’s awe-inspiring background from financially supporting her parents at 15 to successful author, business coach, and Regional Talent Management Lead for Ford Middle East & Africa, tune in to episode 7 of Finding Your EPIC. 


Listen to the full discussion with Ghenwa here. For more on Ghenwa, visit her on LinkedIn.

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