Sit back, relax and enjoy our latest articles...

Sit back, relax and enjoy our latest articles…

The 7 Benefits Of Live Online Training (you’ll love #4!)

The 7 Benefits Of Live Online Training (you’ll love #4!)

Once upon a time, nobody would have believed that the world would become so happily reliant on the internet, yet here we are as an online training company celebrating over 7,000 graduates from across 56 countries.

Elevate Talent is on a mission to empower the female talent pipeline within your organisation and to equip women with the tools and skills they need to reach their career aspirations. Over the past six years, we’ve proven that live virtual training can bring a host of benefits that face to face training simply cannot achieve. 

I work from my base in London whilst my team members work out of Orkney, France and Barcelona. We recognise that some people have a preference for face to face learning, and it’s also clear that the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated enthusiasm and support for hybrid or, in some cases, 100 per cent virtual training as the “new normal”.

In this blog, we’re going to explore the top seven benefits of live, online training and what you might want to consider when choosing a training provider.

7 of the top benefits of live, online training

-1- Cost effective.

It’s inexpensive for us to deliver training online, which means we charge you less and make it cost effective for you, too.

If an average training programme requires £800 per day per delegate, you might have to choose which female employees should attend (because you’d also have to factor in travel and sustenance costs). Instead of using your budget to cover these, you could use the savings to give a greater number of women access to the online training, which greatly benefits your business (see our earlier blog Why Redressing Gender Imbalance Is A Triple Win).

-2- Easy to access.

Delegates will have access to the programme schedule in advance, which means they are easily able to pre-plan and access the live training from their desk (wherever they are).

-3- Time efficient.

As expert training providers, we know that an in-person training session is likely to involve travel time and occasionally an overnight stay for many attendees; this can lead to fatigue, a loss of productivity and create unnecessary stress.

Our training is delivered in one hour per month. Feedback tells us that this gives our delegates time to learn, absorb and action the teachings between sessions without any additional headaches (such as trying to organise childcare or make up for time away from their everyday work demands).

-4- Enables consistent training to be delivered on a global scale.

Our training is inclusive whether you have offices in Manchester (UK), Curitiba (Brazil), Mumbai, Shanghai or New York (USA). When you choose us to support you and your staff, it provides equity of opportunity and information throughout your organisation; without it, you run the risk of having well-trained staff in one location whilst other female employees lose out because there are no opportunities locally (or, if using a face to face provider, your organisation pays for time lost, travel and accommodation).

-5- Fantastic learning opportunity for introverts and extroverts.

Typically, our online training is a popular choice for introverts who tend to prefer learning in a quieter environment where interaction is optional. However, Elevate Talent’s training is also highly sought-after by extroverts because of the opportunity to participate live in our polls or chat box. On average, 92 per cent of our attendees interact live.

-6- Greater volume of talent.

The more energy you invest in your female pipeline, the more talent you will have to choose from when it comes to promotion or expansion. If six candidates are being interviewed for a senior role and only one is female (because she’s the only woman qualified to that level at that time), simple probability indicates that a man is more likely to be given that role. 

Our online training helps to increase your female talent pipeline (see #1), which in turn helps level the playing field and amplify your business success. You might also like to check out our earlier blog 2 Female Superpowers That Will Change Your Business For The Better.

-7- Delegates can access a replay.

Between 70 and 85 per cent of our delegates attend live sessions because they have prioritised the time and are keen to engage, but instead of absentees missing out, they access a replay and watch it at a time that is convenient to them. We also provide subtitles on our replays (a major support to our delegates who don’t speak English as a first language).

How to choose a high quality virtual training organisation and get the results you want

  • Choose a company that specialises in online training.
  • Ensure that the training is “live and interactive” rather than e-learning where delegates access information at their own pace without interaction. E-learning is excellent for microskills (how to create x, y, z), but less successful at dealing with big picture topics such as the foundations that underpin your career.
  • Ensure that your provider is delivering a cohesive programme. For example, at Elevate Talent we bring in expert coaches who form a strand of our overall programme. They each deliver information that supports or reinforces the rest of our training material. However, some organisations bring in independent speakers whose information may contradict or confuse what has previously been shared.
  • Why not read this blog How To Get The Most Out Of Training Seminars And Boost Your Career for more ideas on how best to support your delegates to maximise their online training and help bring your business the results you want.

The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated the power of remote working and training. In-person training and events will always have their place, but as we’ve explored in this blog, online events can offer plenty of additional benefits to you and your company.

Are you considering increasing your female talent pipeline but don’t know where to access high impact training? Or are you a professional woman who wants to learn strategies and tactics to progress towards your career goals within a thriving, supportive community? If so, please get in touch

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