Sit back, relax and enjoy our latest articles...

Sit back, relax and enjoy our latest articles…

How To Be More Visible In The Workplace And Get Promoted (Without Being Pushy)

How To Be More Visible In The Workplace And Get Promoted (Without Being Pushy)

When you hear the word visibility what springs to mind?

Do you think of colleagues bragging or blowing their own trumpet? Does it make you feel uncomfortable? Being good at your job is not enough to get you promoted; people who get ahead tend to have good visibility. At Elevate Talent we share strategies and tactics that help you increase your visibility without bragging, boasting or being overly pushy.

Mindset is everything

A lot of people are amazing at what they do, but there are colleagues around them progressing faster and it’s nothing to do with competency or performance. These people are promoting themselves better and becoming more visible; their efforts are seen and heard by the decision-makers.

Becoming more visible sees a lot of pushback from female clients. They don’t want people to think they’re boasting. We teach strategic ways to increase your visibility and enhance your chances of career progression (without bragging).

It all starts with mindset: how you think and feel about being more visible.

There’s no such thing as luck!

There are always work colleagues whom people know and love to work with. They make work look effortless. Things just seem to go their way. It’s easy to be under the impression that they are just “lucky”, that they’re born this way, and that life is easy for them. They weren’t born this way. Life isn’t easy for them. They are not “lucky”.

They have learnt the strategies and tactics that make it look easy. As author Oprah Winfrey once said: “Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

We need to arm ourselves with these strategies, then practise and persevere with them. We can learn step by step. Over time we will become more visible, make it look effortless and turn it into an art form, just like all those “lucky” people.

Our EPIC formula for career progression

At Elevate Talent we use our EPIC formula, an acronym for an effective method to boost your career progression. We will be covering this in a lot more detail in next week’s blog. It involves aspects of exposure, performance, impact and consciousness (EPIC).

Companies such as Coca-Cola and Apple spend millions of dollars on branding and marketing. They didn’t become well-known brands without investing their time, energy and expertise. Coca-Cola is one of the most recognised words around the world; it’s a global brand.

Whilst you might not be looking for global recognition, increasing your own “brand” visibility in the workplace will support your career progression.

Three steps to success

The first step is to begin with the awareness that you have the power to increase your own visibility; nobody else can do it for you. There is no such thing as an overnight success. Music artists craft their skills, put the word out, and go to auditions long before they become recognised. Singer Justin Bieber didn’t wait to be discovered; he was regularly posting videos of himself on YouTube.

If you care about what you do, are ambitious and want to progress your career, then the crucial second step is learning how to become more visible so that others see the value you bring.

Thirdly and finally, dare to take action. In this month’s Elevate session, we are going to share a trade secret that will increase your visibility more than you can imagine, and you’ll be happy doing it too!

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