Sit back, relax and enjoy our latest articles...

Sit back, relax and enjoy our latest articles…

5 Of Our Best Blogs To Help Elevate Your Career And Business In 2022

5 Of Our Best Blogs To Help Elevate Your Career And Business In 2022

How have the last 12 months been for you professionally? Has it been a whirlwind of exciting new opportunities, or has it felt like a hard slog with questionable progress?

Whatever you decide, there is enormous scope for change going forward.

We launched Elevate Talent five years ago to help engage, empower and elevate women in mid-level positions, and we support businesses to develop and nurture their female talent pipelines (more on that in a moment). We now operate in 56 countries worldwide and have facilitated career progression for more than 8,000 women.

Stories instigate powerful change

The coaching and training programmes that we deliver stem from real-life experience, which is fundamental to our success. We share powerful real-life stories that have the potential to transform careers and businesses.

Whether you are a senior leader frustrated by the frequency with which female talent leaves your organisation or a woman in a mid-level position desperate for career progress, there are ways that you can make a positive impact in 2022.

Here are five of our top blogs to support you to do exactly that.

Five of our top blogs

The EPIC Formula – An Easy-To-Follow Method To Progress In Your Career

Although it can, at times, feel challenging to progress your career, with the right strategy and tactics you’ll find the whole process easier to navigate.

Check out this blog which shares the EPIC formula® which we created to help focus on the four elements critical to career success. Who doesn’t want to be epic?!

E: Exposure

P: Performance

I: Impact

C: Consciousness (being self-aware)

Often when we talk about increasing exposure (as above), people shy away from the ‘office politics’, if that’s you you’ll love the blog below.

A Few Powerful Tips On How To Navigate Office Politics

We know that office politics often have a negative connotation but you might be surprised at just how beneficial they can be. 

One of our Elevate Talent surveys showed that only 4% of women strongly agreed that they knew how to navigate office politics!  When you reframe the phrase “office politics” you recognise that it’s just how well you work with different people and personalities, it feels a whole lot better! Check out this blog for more life and career changing advice.

And, if you still feel like you need to psych yourself up before you enter into some conversations and collaborations it’s time to prime yourself and shift into the best possible emotional state! It makes a world of difference. See below.

How Priming Improves The Perception Of Your Professional Performance

We all know what it feels like to have an ‘off day’ but when you understand how to shift your mood by changing your self-talk and physiology you’ll still be able to leverage all your interactions for the optimum outcome (and shake off the negative feelings in a matter of moments). Read the full blog here.

And if you’re a senior leader wondering why your female talent walks out the door faster than they walk in, the next two blogs are for you (if you’re a female employee you’ll likely be able to relate and learn from these stories too).

The 3 Main Reasons Why Women Leave Their Jobs – With 3 Unique Stories

Have you ever stopped to think about why women leave their careers? Is there a commonality and, if so, what is it?  Women leave for multiple reasons but this blog will help you gain valuable insight into first hand experiences; take a moment to reflect on what happens in your business.

3 Major Benefits Of Retaining Your Best People – And 3 Ways To Do It

When you know that people are the biggest asset to any business, I’m sure you might agree that it’s wise to do your best to retain the team members that you’ve taken the time and expense to recruit and train. It’s better for your business, for the team and it’s a sure fire way to hold onto corporate memory!  This blog will help you understand why it’s important to do all that you can to encourage your best people to continue working for you, and three ways that you can influence their decision.

I hope you’ve been able to make the most of life and business in 2021; there have been important learnings for us all.

Here at Elevate Talent we are committed, more than ever, to supporting businesses to nurture and make the most of their female talent pipeline, and to continue to engage, empower and elevate women in mid-level positions to enjoy the career they truly deserve.

If you’d love support in 2022 please contact us. Look forward to working with you. Thank you for being part of our growing community.

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