Finding Your Epic Podcast: Episode 11 - Impact

Welcome to the Finding Your EPIC podcast.

In this episode, host Jacqueline Frost talks to Felicity March, Global Vice President of Growth, Security and Resilience

Step into the world of empowerment with our newest podcast episode: “EPIC IMPACT”! Join us as we introduce Felicity March, a senior-level woman sharing the incredible stories behind her lightbulb moments that shaped her career journey.

In a candid discussion, Felicity highlights the significance of mental health awareness in the workplace and the power of embracing authenticity on tough days. Learn from her firsthand experience and gain insights into taking risks, staying true to your ‘why,’ and speaking up in your career journey.

From navigating career hurdles to embracing self-improvement, Felicity shares wisdom that transcends boundaries. Don’t miss out on this transformative journey towards epic impact!

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