Sit back, relax and enjoy our latest articles...

Sit back, relax and enjoy our latest articles…

Why Nurturing Relationships Has The Power To Transform Your Organisation

Why Nurturing Relationships Has The Power To Transform Your Organisation

To what extent do your team members develop, value and deepen their professional relationships? What difference do you think it would make to your organisation if they held them in high regard and actively networked (internally and externally) to increase relationship capital?

We have been exploring this topic with our delegates because we know that when individuals make consistent deposits (no matter how small) in their relationship capital accounts, they are catalysing their own business success (and by extension, the success of your organisation).

In this blog we’re going to touch on the three main ways that we support ambitious women to build their relationship capital, the benefits that brings to your organisation, and the easy-to-change issue that stops your team or your business from moving forward when it comes to nurturing relationships.

3 ways we support women to develop their relationship capital

Our delegates are the number one experts on themselves; deep down they already know where they excel and where they might be overlooking opportunities to deepen professional relationships. We support them by providing three main pointers so they can amplify results.

 -1- Do more of what’s already working

Our delegates are already successful and have an appetite to go further, faster. They’re often brilliant at building professional relationships and benefit immensely from additional support and creative ways to continue to do that (which we share in our membership programmes).

 -2- Pay it forward

Madeleine Albright (RIP), who became the first female US secretary of state (1997 to 2001), once declared that: “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” 

At Elevate Talent we agree, and we champion each other and encourage our delegates to share their wisdom, knowledge and experience with their peers and colleagues. The ripple effect supports more people to progress their careers – and in doing so, further enhances your organisation’s productivity and profitability.

When women share wisdom, they support other women to climb the career wall, which in turn provides you with a  highly progressive and confident workforce.

 -3- Plug the gaps

It’s also natural that when a professional is switching between working “in” their career and working “on” their career, they occasionally divert their focus away from developing key partnerships. Our webinars serve as a timely reminder for members to revisit the areas where they may have missed a step, or to make adjustments where necessary.

How these changes directly benefit your organisation

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a consistent shift towards members choosing to work for organisations that align with their principles, purpose and values. Organisations frequently highlight their core values and principles during recruitment (perhaps yours does too) so that they attract high-calibre candidates. 

When your team members highlight through their actions that they value professional relationships, they send a clear internal and external message. By actively supporting your team members to participate in our training programmes, you are promoting self-leadership and putting each person’s destiny in their own hands, which leads to an empowered workforce.

This sense of ownership, accountability and responsibility then trickles down into every project and interaction; can you imagine the impact that would have across all your departments?

An empowered workforce that’s encouraged to thrive will likely go on to leverage its skills to the advantage of you and your business.

Without relationship capital, every interaction is like a cold call – and nobody likes those.

The #1 threat to relationship capital

If you want people to buy into your ideas, thoughts, beliefs and values, you need to be able to sell them; the number one way to destroy relationship capital is to underestimate its value.

Our delegates’ personal and professional growth hinges on who they cross paths with, and how they choose to interact and develop those relationships. When you employ an empowered workforce that is self-motivated to drive success forward (for themselves and for the good of the organisation), you will dramatically improve your overall results.

Why investing in relationship capital is of direct benefit to your organisation

If two individuals or two organisations are neck and neck for an opportunity, the winner will most likely be the person with whom there is the stronger working relationship.

Without a focus on developing  relationship capital, your team is missing a vital component of their leadership skill set and, as a result, this will slow their ascent on the career wall (which often prompts people to career hop and leaves you with the cost of recruitment and training all over again).

Our message is clear and compelling: when your team members grow personally and professionally through our programmes, they are directly benefiting themselves, their colleagues, the organisation that they work for, and all of the clients or customers with whom they interact.

The way forward

Would you like to discover more about the live training programmes that we deliver and how they can support you? We have delegates all over the world who continuously get the results that they want and go on to forge successful careers within their organisation. If you’d like to know more about how you can support your teams to flourish so that you can boost profitability and develop an enviable reputation, get in touch

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