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Sit back, relax and enjoy our latest articles…

The 2 Points That Propel Or Hold Women Back In Their Careers

The 2 Points That Propel Or Hold Women Back In Their Careers

There are two significant points in a professional woman’s career that can lead to the next level – or cause a delay.

If you’ve been reading our blogs for a while, you’ll know that earlier this year we released the Discover Your EPIC Career Scorecard; it provides female professionals with a snapshot of where they’re at in their career in terms of Exposure, Performance, Impact and Conscious (being self-aware). You can read our earlier blog for an in-depth explanation of The EPIC Formula®  and how the scorecard helps female professionals identify their areas of strength and weakness.

In this blog, we’ll share the two critical points in a woman’s career where she has the potential to rapidly accelerate her progress.

The critical points you need to watch out for

There are two key career junctures you should keep an eye on when it comes to your female colleagues:

 -1- When they start flying solo

When they first entered the workforce, many of our delegates at Elevate Talent enjoyed the benefits of a structured graduate trainee programme. However, in most organisations, that support is likely to level off within three years; unless  they have a clear focus and strategy to maintain or accelerate their progress,  professional women may find that their careers start to plateau (our earlier blog How A Paddle Boarding Lesson Could Help You Make A Splash In Your Career, will help you keep moving forward).

 -2- When they’re close to achieving manager status

The second career crossroads professional women are likely to face is when their performance comes under scrutiny because their next step will be up to mid managerial level. As you’ll remember from The EPIC Formula® , being good at your job is not enough to secure promotion. 

Female professionals need to build solid foundations by getting in front of the right people (exposure), and showing what they’re capable of (performance). When they do this right, they create a bigger impact, which will help them continue to make rapid career progress.

If they are not a strong performer (or even if they are, but nobody but their direct boss knows about it!), they’ll likely notice their colleagues being promoted ahead of them. When they increase their visibility they will be recognised for their unique skills and their career will benefit from having a wider support network of peers and senior managers who can evidence that they are ready for the next step.

How to successfully navigate these 2 critical points 

The women we support at Elevate Talent are ambitious and highly motivated; they are talented, but often lack the strategy or momentum they need to reach their career desires because they are too caught up in working “in” their career (getting the job done) rather than “on” their career (taking strategic action that progresses their careers).

The Discover Your EPIC Career Scorecard provides them with the snapshot they need in order to recognise which element (or elements including Exposure, Performance, Impact, Conscious) is their weakest link, so that they can take strategic action to course correct and get ahead.

The importance of data

We know that professional women excel when it comes to communicating with their boss or manager; however, one of our recent surveys showed that while 90 per cent of women agreed or strongly agreed that their boss recognised their potential, that figure dropped to 70 per cent when asked if they clearly communicated their expertise with more of their colleagues or senior managers.

This 20 per cent reduction in exposure (a vital part of The EPIC Formula®), limits their visibility and curtails their career progression, making them more likely to want to leave and look for another job (which gives you the cost of recruitment and training). How do you think plugging these gaps would support you and your teams to go further, faster?

At Elevate Talent our research has shown us that many of our delegates are already highly successful, but when they bolster their foundations and consistently fine-tune the details, their results are even better.

Points to ponder

Here are some questions to consider:

  • In terms of The EPIC Formula®  (Exposure, Performance, Impact and Conscious), which areas might your mid-level female colleagues be neglecting?
  • Which aspect(s) do you think they’re strongest at? Would others agree?
  • What changes do you think they could make that would positively contribute to the overall performance of the organisation?
  • How might they restructure their time to focus on these changes?
  • What support do they need in order to make a dramatic improvement?
  • How frustrating would it be for them to have come “this far”, only to stay where they are?

The Discover Your EPIC Career Scorecard is invaluable in terms of providing insight as to where they’re at now; and, if they join our one-year programme and repeat the scorecard when they graduate, they’ll be able to measure their progress (and be well on their way to fulfilling their ambitions which, in turn, makes them more likely to remain loyal to you).

Is the Elevate Talent programme right for your colleagues?

We know that our delegates are already busy, and often the thought of “a training course” can feel like “just another thing on the to-do list”, which is why all our training is based on current data from each cohort. We pride ourselves on making our training bespoke, impactful, do-able, engaging and relevant. We also know that by delivering bite-sized chunks of training (one hour per month), our delegates get the most benefit, instead of feeling overwhelmed or falling behind. 

If you’d like to learn more about our training programme, the first step is to complete the scorecard; or if you’re a senior manager who recognises the benefits of an empowered female talent pipeline, get in touch for more information

Our training has been delivered online around the world since 2016. The results speak for themselves: more than 30 per cent of our delegates told us they were promoted or moved to a new role during their year-long training programme. Eighty-seven per cent said they were more effective in their role, and 96 per cent said they learnt something new. How would results like this positively impact your team and the organisation as a whole?

P.S. If you’d like to be part of a growing community of women committed to career success, why not follow us on LinkedIn?