Sit back, relax and enjoy our latest articles...

Sit back, relax and enjoy our latest articles…
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Unlocking Leadership: The Most Brilliant Leaders Have These Simple Traits

We complete our Unlocking… series with Unlocking Leadership, and with good reason. All of the skills we’ve been working on with our fabulous delegates – gravitas, resilience, and how to ask questions –  work towards a common goal: our ability to be a great leader.

And you can be a great leader NOW! 

The ability to lead is one of the quickest ways to proceed through the ranks and achieve our career goals. Many people dream about a distant goal, thinking “one day, I’ll be a leader.” This is the wrong way to look at it! We can be leaders from any point in our careers, if we set good examples and lead those “behind us”, such as graduates or new recruits, and around us, such as colleagues and our teammates.  

There are a couple of definitions of leadership that we at Elevate enjoy using in our seminars. Let’s explore them below:

“Leadership is the activity of leading, inspiring, and motivating people to accomplish a common goal or objective.”

“Leadership is the process of social influence which inspires and guides followers of a leader to perform specific tasks.”

Notice that in both of these definitions, there is no mention of the word “senior”. When we look at leadership from this perspective, there are a huge number of opportunities to evidence our ability to lead, not just in our professional lives but in our personal lives as well.

The mark of a great leader has nothing to do with seniority but with the ability to inspire and motivate people towards a common goal.

How do we avoid being a bad leader?

Of course, not all leaders evidence these admirable traits. In the business world especially, it is unavoidable that there will be people in positions of leadership who might have a self-centred approach to their career progression. 

This is an unhelpful and unproductive attitude. If a leader focuses solely on their own achievements and does not work well with others or motivate their team towards achieving a common goal, people will very quickly become uninspired by their leadership skills – or lack thereof.

Demonstrating our leadership abilities must expand beyond ourselves and the confines of the teams in which we work. As we shared in our March session, one of the problems that our client Andrea encountered when running for promotion was that she hadn’t demonstrated her potential beyond her own team.

In order for us to be working towards future career goals, we should be demonstrating our ambition and our potential as early and as widely as we can. This is how goals get accomplished. In evidencing our ability to achieve results and collaborate with others, we also evidence our ability to lead. 

Leadership is not as complex as it might seem

The business world seems to be inundated with articles titled Top 35 Leadership Traits – or words to that effect! Who can remember 35 traits they must embody every single day? Leadership doesn’t have to be as complex or as unattainable as it’s made to seem.

That’s why at Elevate, we’re committed to breaking things down into actionable, manageable steps. In our April session, we’ll be sharing some small but incredibly powerful ways to motivate and inspire others – and the best part is, they’re shockingly simple! 

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