Sit back, relax and enjoy our latest articles...

Sit back, relax and enjoy our latest articles…
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Why Resilient People Are The Biggest Asset – And How To Become One

Embodying resilience is a sure-fire way to build our leadership ‘stripes’. In this February’s exciting new Elevate session, we’re taking a long hard look at resilience. Why is resilience so important? Why does it matter so much?

Put simply, we need resilience to be able to function well in difficult circumstances. It’s no great feat to perform well when things are going smoothly. The true measure of our capabilities is in how we can continue – and advance upon – that momentum when the going gets tough.

How do you show up when the road gets rocky?

The first step is to accept that obstacles and challenges are a part of life for all of us. Accepting that there will be times where we’re under pressure and the heat is turned up – and that we can handle it – immediately gives us power because we’re facing the situation head on. Trying to turn our backs and avoid those stressful situations is not – and never will be – the answer.

In actuality, those difficult moments can be harnessed and used positively: as a motivator to spur us into action and growth. We learn more about ourselves and others in the tough times than we do when it’s all plain sailing. Resilience is not about squashing our emotions. It’s about not giving in to them, and instead harnessing their power to Elevate our potential by channelling them into something positive.

It begins with mindset. Having an assured, composed, and constructive mindset is an immediate win. It allows us to focus our energies on developing a strategy. This strategy is likely to grow and change over time as we respond to problems, but having a plan from the get-go massively increases our chances of turning any obstacle into a platform from which we can leap forward.

Resilient people are an asset

When we can do this, those around us will know we have truly earned our stripes. People are always impressed by resilience. And it doesn’t just prove that we’re a great asset to any business – it proves that we’re a great leader too. No one wants to work for a leader who can’t handle it when things go wrong.

We’ve all been in a scenario at work where something has gone wrong and chaos ensues. Sometimes this happens the business leader has had an emotional reaction and all team members have followed suit.

If a business wants to build a pipeline of strong, resourceful people who are made of the right stuff to be future leaders, one of the most crucial qualities is resilience. Evidencing this quality right from the start will be a key foothold in our way up the career wall.

What impact do you have when under pressure?

At Elevate, we talk a lot about our EPIC Formula®. The P in EPIC is Performance. When we evidence our resilience in turning a negative around, we demonstrate our ability to perform under fire and achieve the right end results, not just for us but also for those around us. This proves that we have a growth mindset and can be trusted to handle situations that others may not be equipped for.

Chaos follows chaos and resilience follows resilience. But even if there’s chaos above us in the company pyramid and the business leaders are not setting a good example, we can set our own standards by putting boundaries in place and pushing out the chaos to form an oasis of calm, confident in our own ability to turn the situation around.

When we set a good example throughout all layers of an organisation, the poorer management will be filtered out, creating room for those people who have the skills and resilience to lead a business – like you.

So what can we do to practise resilience?

In our February session, we’ll be sharing a four-word strategy that’s going to help you completely shift your mindset and turn a challenge into an opportunity. These four words are virtually universal – it’s a powerful phrase that can be applied to any problem, and I’m so excited to share it with you in our upcoming webinar.

To get involved, head over to our 2023 schedule to read about our Unlocking series. Our webinar dedicated to Unlocking Resilience will be hosted on February 23rd – to find out more, get in touch to see how we can help identify and Elevate the talent in your business.

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