Sit back, relax and enjoy our latest articles...

Sit back, relax and enjoy our latest articles…

How EPIC is your career? Take This Career-Changing Scorecard To Find Out…

How EPIC is your career? Take This Career-Changing Scorecard To Find Out…

How fast could you progress your career if you knew where you were performing at your best and could easily identify the gaps you need to plug?

Career success is complex and multidimensional; if it was easy, everyone would already have the job they want. At Elevate Talent, we know that many mid-level executive women with huge potential are working “in” their career rather than “on” it, which makes them great employees but is guaranteed to stifle progress.

The difference between working “in” your career and “on” it

When you are working “in” your career, you are typically ticking off the to-do list in line with your job description. However, when you work “on” your career, you are taking strategic action (see earlier blog The Importance Of Working “On” Your Career, Not Just “In” It)  to move closer to the role that you want to achieve.

Becoming an expert at executing the tasks in your job description is never going to take you to the next level. To accelerate your career, you need to implement the EPIC Formula(exposure, performance, impact and consciousness). You can read more in our earlier blog The EPIC Formula – An Easy-To-Follow Method To Progress In Your Career.

At Elevate Talent we have introduced the Discover Your EPIC Career Scorecard so you can clearly identify how what you’re doing (or not doing) is impacting your career.

By completing the scorecard you will achieve three things:

  1. Recognise where you are already performing well, which helps build your confidence and will inspire you to keep moving forwards.
  2. Identify how to enhance or do more of what you are already doing well, so that you can build your reputation and get noticed by senior leaders when it comes to promotion or new opportunities.
  3. Recognise which components of the EPIC Formula® (exposure, performance, impact, consciousness) you might be neglecting so that you can course correct.

Why knowledge is not enough

It’s easy to hear a piece of information in a seminar and think “I already know that”, but knowledge is only potential power. Knowing what you need to do is not enough if you are not taking the appropriate action and being recognised by your peers and senior management.

We know at Elevate Talent that many of our delegates resist taking action (for example having difficult conversations) because they fear the consequences or have a limited view of why that action is important.

When we reframe difficult conversations from a confrontation to a series of conversations where both parties can negotiate to reach a win-win outcome, our delegates are more willing to engage with what is frequently career-changing dialogue. 

The Discover Your EPIC Career Scorecard will provide you with the data you need in order to scale the career wall (remember that it’s not a ladder because you can always make a sideways move to gain useful skills and experience). 

The next steps

Around 500 of our September delegates have completed our scorecard; we’ll base our future training and seminars on their greatest needs so that they can take massive action and progress their career vision.

What might be positively or negatively impacting your career progress right now? Would it be your level of exposure, your performance, your impact or your level of awareness (consciousness)? We’ll share the Elevate Talent scorecard results in upcoming blogs so you can get curious about what might be going on for you – and take the necessary action steps.

How EPIC are you? Are you highly visible to the right people at the right time? Has your career performance to date encouraged people to know, like and trust you? How aware are you of your strengths and areas for development? When you find the right blend for you and the career of your dreams, you’ll be well on your way. Click here to find out your EPIC score and receive a personalised report on the best areas to fine tune for your career. 


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