2 Simple Strategies To Help You Enhance Your Reputation And Career
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2 Simple Strategies To Help You Enhance Your Reputation And Career

2 Simple Strategies To Help You Enhance Your Reputation And Career

Building a solid, enviable professional reputation that will set you up for career progression takes steady, consistent action, and it often happens in ways that you haven’t considered.

At Elevate Talent we are committed to delivering high-level online training to support professional women to take their careers further, faster. We routinely poll our seminar attendees and get clear on their needs so that we can craft and deliver bespoke high-impact training.

We’ve recently launched the Discover Your EPIC Career Scorecard to support women to identify which of the four components (exposure, performance, impact and consciousness) they need to boost or nurture in order to achieve their career vision.

What you need to know

In a recent poll, we asked our attendees the following (and it’d be useful for you to reflect on these questions too):

  • What are you doing to build your reputation?
  • How often do you remind others of the value you bring to the organisation?
  • How would you describe your exposure level [on a sliding scale]?
  • How often do your peers, colleagues or senior managers come to ask for your help and support?

Your answers to these questions help gauge the strength of your reputation. And, crucially, even if your score is high (for example, people consistently ask for your help and expertise), you can continue to expand and take your reputation to a new level (more on how to do this shortly).

As you can see from our recent polls (we’ve amalgamated the results of two below) around half of our delegates agreed or strongly agreed that they regularly let others know of the value they bring to their organisations. While this is encouraging, it also means that 50 per cent of women are not yet letting others know of their good work or achievements.

As we touched on in our previous blog Why Building Reputation Capital Is The Key To Career Advancement, women are known to excel at working “in” their career (getting through their to-do list and meeting their job description), but often neglect working “on” it (having a clear career vision and taking strategic action to achieve it). This limits career progression.

Working “in” your career helps you keep your job, while working “on” it supports you to be promoted or to be offered new opportunities. You need to work “in” and “on” your career to achieve your vision.

At Elevate Talent we support delegates to rebalance their time by teaching them two strategies so that they can positively manage their exposure (visibility), build their reputation (see earlier blog) and advance their career.

1) Social proof

It’s likely that you’ve “liked”, “ranked” or shared an emoji online in support of another business. We’re constantly reminded to engage, to leave a five-star rating, or we’re shown that a product or service has achieved bestseller status. Likewise, these strategies can be adapted to showcase you and your work. For example, who can you ask to support your request for a stretch opportunity or to highlight your involvement in a project?

Known as “social proof”, these methods help you to increase your exposure and build a strong reputation (which could be the difference between you getting a lucrative pay rise or being offered a more senior position).

2) Scarcity (availability)

The second strategy to ensure you are getting the right type of exposure and strengthening your reputation is to consider how available you are. While it’s helpful to offer capacity when you have it, it’s not useful to be available all the time because it could lead to others not valuing your time and contribution.

Perhaps it’s time to step back and decide which opportunities support your personal and professional growth or offer you new skills or experiences, and which ones are just demanding the same skill set that you’ve demonstrated hundreds of times before.

Building your reputation brick by brick

Once you are clear on the current status of your exposure and reputation (Discover Your EPIC Career Scorecard), we’ll show you how you can incorporate the right tactics on a daily basis so that you get yourself noticed by the right people (not just your senior managers and stakeholders but also your colleagues and subordinates). Doing so will quickly help you gain momentum and get the career results you want.

Remember that your reputation is your stamp of quality assurance. It’s the positive things others are saying about you! When we have a solid reputation with our colleagues and stakeholders, it increases our potential to unlock new opportunities.

Whether you are known for being able to charm the birds off the trees or for getting stuck in when the chips are down, we’re offering you a golden opportunity to be strategic from this point on (share good news about your work and value your time!). Why not complete your scorecard to gain deeper insights and drive your career forward?

If you’d love more information about the live, interactive seminars that Elevate Talent delivers, please get in touch.

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