Sit back, relax and enjoy our latest articles...

Sit back, relax and enjoy our latest articles…

5 Of Our Top Blogs To Help You Take Your Career Further, Faster

5 Of Our Top Blogs To Help You Take Your Career Further, Faster

It’s often said that September is the new January due to the sense of renewed energy people bring to the workplace following the summer holidays and the start of the new school year (for those of you with a young family).

As we approach autumn, it’s a useful opportunity to reflect on your career goals to check they are still in alignment with what you want. It’s too easy to simply show up and put in the hours, but we know from research that that’s not going to lead to promotion or new opportunities.

Since we launched Elevate Talent in 2016, we’ve supported more than 8,000 women from 56 countries to drive their careers forward, and underlined to organisations the importance of nurturing their female talent pipeline so that skilled and talented women like you enjoy the success they deserve.

Because I know that many people in our community have been on holiday or enjoying time with their families, in this blog I’m going to share some of our top blogs from this year that will help you stay firmly on track when it comes to career progression.

 -1- The Importance Of Working “On” Your Career, Not Just “In” It

How many times a week do you estimate you say “I’m so busy”? Being busy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re being productive, and crucially, it can also be the stumbling block to climbing the career wall because it might mean that you’ve taken your eyes off what it is that you truly want. This blog will help you to focus so that you don’t block your own progress.

 -2- A 10-Step Strategy To Help You Positively Impact Your Career

Once you’ve realigned yourself to your professional goals, this blog will help you ensure that you’re doing the right things to get noticed and increase your chances of promotion or a sideways move to projects that interest you more and build your skill set.

 -3- How To Plan For Difficult Conversations And Create A Win-Win Outcome

You might find that your boss and colleagues are fully supportive of your desired career path, but what happens if they aren’t or if you’re passed over for the opportunities you really want? It’s natural to want to shy away from difficult conversations, but it’s a recipe for resentment and stagnation! This blog will give you the tools you need in order to grasp the nettle and feel good about it (whatever the outcome).

 – 4- Why Adding This Element To Help Build Trust Works Wonders

If (like many of the mid-level female executives we support) you’re a loyal employee, committed to doing your best, and have a great reputation but you want to build on your strategy for career progress, this blog is a must-read (spoiler alert: having credibility, competence and character is not enough to secure your promotion – we share the missing element right here).

 -5- Why The Right Sponsor Might Not Be An Obvious Choice

This summer we’ve been exploring the differences between mentors, sponsors and role models, but one theme they all have in common is the misconception that you need to choose people like yourself to support your progression. In reality, choosing people who possess the skills and talents you don’t have could help you go further, faster. Whether you’re looking for a mentor, sponsor or role model, this blog shares valuable insights to help you choose the right one for you (and check out this earlier blog if you’d like clarification on the difference between a mentor and a sponsor).

We’ve got plenty more great insights to share with you in the next few weeks; watch out for the blogs where we focus on your reputation (always a great topic!).

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