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EPIC Performance

The Power Of High Performance: Why Great Leaders Are Indispensable

When I first started my career in banking, there were 20 people hired on the graduate recruitment programme. By the end of the two years, there was only myself and one other colleague left.

Only ten per cent made it.

How did I survive?

The rates of dismissal and resignation were unnervingly high, but it was when my boss said the following phrase to me that I realised where I needed to focus my attention. He said:

“When you make yourself indispensable, your seat is safe.” 

What can we do to make ourselves indispensable? 

The first thing we need to consider is our performance. How do we compare to the people we find inspiring? We can look at the traits the high performers around us embody, and make a comparison with the traits we ourselves display. Where are the discrepancies? Where is there room for improvement?

It isn’t about regarding ourselves negatively or putting ourselves down. In fact, it’s quite the opposite – it’s about showing up as our best selves and taking inspiration from those around us. 

It’s important that we take responsibility, act intentionally, and understand our abilities. Doing so gives us control over how others see us and activates our potential. When we’re behaving with deliberation and strategy, we’re more likely to be seen as a high performer. 

The three traits of high performers

As you may have guessed, we are covering this in the second webinar of the series – Finding Your Epic Performance.

At Elevate, we like to keep things simple. We’ve narrowed it down to three traits that high performers have – which we’ll be sharing in the webinar – and they’re fairly obvious. 

Many people might embody two of the three traits we identified, but unfortunately, when it comes to being a high performer, two out of three just doesn’t cut it. People will always look at what we lack before they look at what we have. These three traits come together to form a whole persona that tells everyone around us that we are not only valuable – we’re indispensable. 

In our Finding Your Epic Performance session, we’ll be looking at some world leaders who embody all three of these traits, and delving into why doing so has allowed them to stand out on the world stage.

We all have the potential to embody these traits; they aren’t exclusive to certain people. But demonstrating them in our everyday lives and in our careers requires determination, deliberation, and persistence. 

What is Performance?

First, it’s important we define what high performance is. It’s not about being busy, how smart we are, or even how hard we work.

It’s about achieving the right end result. 

We all know people who always seem to get it right. They have the most shout-outs, they’re constantly in the boss’ good books, and they always seem to be first in line for exciting opportunities. So what is it that these people do in their performance?

The key is that they tend to be the people who spot opportunities that no one else sees. They’re the people who make connections where others have failed to, who are relied upon to solve conflicts and challenges, and who regularly come up with new ideas. 

To learn more about how you can embody these qualities, showcase your talents as a high performer, and evidence your value in the workplace, head over to our topics and dates page to find out about upcoming sessions. 

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