Sit back, relax and enjoy our latest articles...

Sit back, relax and enjoy our latest articles…
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Three Ways to Add Value to Your Team and Organisation

Last year, we launched a podcast ‘Finding Your EPIC®’ to complement our Elevate programme, which has supported emerging female leaders for eight years. The podcast’s goal was for senior women to share the moments they discovered their superpowers. These stories were meant to inspire other women to tap into their own strengths and use them effectively in the workplace.

Over the years, the idea of bringing your whole self to work has been popular. However, it never resonated with me as it seemed like asking for the impossible. Instead, we focused on bringing your best self to work. The podcasts with these inspirational women discussed how they achieved this. A common theme was the emphasis on adding value, moving the dial, making a difference, and contributing meaningfully to ensure the work had significance.

Here are three key ways to add value to your team and organisation, inspired by the insights shared in our podcast:

  1. Identify and Leverage Your Strengths: Recognise your unique skills and talents. By understanding and utilising your strengths, you can contribute more effectively to your team. The senior women on our podcast highlighted how knowing their superpowers allowed them to excel and inspire others. This process involves understanding what roles are important in a team along with self-reflection of which ones line up best with your ‘EPIC’ abilities; when you are doing what you love to do and do best. It’s your own set of honed talents and the passion that drives you to contribute in the ways that most motivate you. It describes the “you” that makes you who you are. Once identified, use these strengths to take on roles and projects where you can shine the most.
  2. Align Your Skills to Make the Most Impact: Focus on areas where your strengths can have the greatest impact. This means strategically choosing projects or tasks that benefit most from your abilities. The women in our podcast often discussed how they identified opportunities where their contributions would be most significant, thereby enhancing their value to the organisation. For instance, if you excel at communication, seek roles that involve stakeholder engagement or team leadership. Aligning your skills with organisational needs not only boosts your productivity but also amplifies your value to the team.
  3. Continuously Seek Improvement and Learning: Stay committed to personal and professional growth. Regularly updating your skills and knowledge ensures you remain valuable to your team and organisation. Our podcast guests frequently mentioned the importance of continuous learning and adaptation to maintain their effectiveness and relevance in the workplace. Or, as Satya Nadella coined it, “be a learn-it-all, not a know-it-all”. Through continuous improvement, you not only enhance your own capabilities but also bring fresh insights and innovation to your team.

Applying these principles strengthens your contribution to your team and organisation, ensuring your work is both impactful and fulfilling. Embrace your strengths, align them with strategic opportunities, and commit to ongoing learning to continually add value and drive success.

If this resonates with you, have a look at our upcoming sessions to see how we can help to unlock – and elevate – the potential in your workplaces.

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