The Secret to Increased Productivity
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The Secret to Increased Productivity

The business environment is anything but easy. The to-do list is long, expectations are high. The fact of the matter is that we all given 24 hours in a day to get everything done yet so many simply feel that that is not enough!

Yet it is more important now than ever to make sure you are using the full spectrum of your skill set and not getting so caught up with doing the “job” that you forget what you actually want, and more importantly deserve, is a “career”.

So given time is finite it is really important to be super-efficient with it. And here is one great tip to be more productive and create a structure that will help you succeed.

It’s called batching!

Basically, batching is ploughing through a bunch of similar tasks at once… looking at all your tasks that you have during a certain week or span of time that are similar in nature and batching them altogether. Here are three tasks that are easy to batch.

1. Emails

On average, we apparently spend about 2 hours a day writing emails. So instead of being a slave to your inbox, do your emails in batches. If you have your email notification switched on – turn it off! You do not need to know every time an email comes in. Email was not designed to be urgent communication.

Experts don’t recommend checking email first thing in the morning as it can apparently mess with your work flow and your time. It’s difficult to know if that’s good advice or not as some argue that replying to their inbox first means that they’ve moved many matters forward.

2. Phone calls

It can be difficult to constantly be in a phone-calling mind set, so batching your phone calls really is a multi-tasker! You will not only get them done more quickly but will also be more effective. You may well end up leaving a few messages but you will ultimately save time (and energy!).

Batching phone calls has another benefit too. Once you get one or two under your belt you are much more likely to be in the ‘zone’ and your conversations will be more productive. Each call will also feel easier and before you know it you will have zipped through your list.

3. Admin

Consider batching all that boring admin that needs to be done each week – expenses, sending invoices, paying bills to mention a few. And don’t forget you can do this for your personal life too! As an example online banking makes it very easy to pay invoices nowadays so instead wait to do it all in one go rather than repeatedly logging in.

By batching similar tasks together, you’ll be amazed by how much more you can accomplish without working longer hours. And that means more time for the important strategies.