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One Step At A Time: Tips For Harnessing Confidence & Influence As An Introvert

By Jacqueline Frost with Amanda Scott

In the latest episode of Finding Your EPIC, host Jacqueline Frost sits down with Amanda Scott, Managing Director for Global Mergers and Acquisitions at Willis Towers Watson, and Chief Executive of Mike’s Mates, a fantastic mental health charity set up in honour of a late friend. 

They discuss why introversion and a lack of confidence can be a superpower; Amanda’s tips for speaking up and building confidence, and the importance of recognising our personal value in every situation.

For the full conversation, Finding Your EPIC is available here

One step at a time

Something we talk about a lot here at Elevate Talent is the idea of one step at a time. 

We’ve all been guilty of putting too much pressure on ourselves, wanting to go from zero to hero overnight, racing against the clock to be better than we were yesterday. Sometimes, we all need a reminder that good things take time.

Amanda Scott is the perfect person to remind us of this. 

As a child, Amanda Scott was quiet, shy, and lacked confidence. I’m sure many of us can relate to a desire to blend into the background, to avoid making waves, and to steer clear of conflict.

But sometimes, in doing this, we are denying our own potential. We are stifling the innate skills in all of us.

Amanda: “I was happy being quiet. I didn’t understand the reason why I needed to speak up. Once I realised the why…when I realised that this actually had been holding me back and there was an opportunity to learn this skill, it was absolutely time to take that challenge. But it is one step at a time.”

Start off small

We don’t have to dive in at the deep end. 

We can start small: speaking up in meetings where usually we’d hold our tongue, sharing our ideas instead of keeping them to ourselves, or grasping opportunities when they come our way instead of letting them pass us by.

Amanda: “It is those small wins, one at a time, that add up and create confidence… Something that’s important is knowing where you add value and building your confidence around that.” 

We are not always going to be the smartest or most successful person in the room. But we can always add value. 

A powerful message that Amanda shares is that those things which we think hold us back can actually be flipped around and leveraged as our superpower.

For Amanda, her innate introversion meant that as a child she dreaded that nerve-wracking moment when it came her turn to read aloud in class, a consistent theme throughout her youth. 

It was only when she went to university and had an encounter with a particularly influential tutor that she realised that with her instinctive drive to help people, she could overcome her fears. Amanda learned that her introversion and vulnerability was indeed her superpower.

It is this captivating story that Amanda shares at the start of Episode 4, and her musings on the journey from quiet and under confident to powerful and cognizant of her own strength are both moving and motivating.


Listen to the full discussion with Amanda here. For more on Amanda, visit her on LinkedIn.

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