4 Questions To Help You Unlock Performance Capital And Optimise Business Results
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4 Questions To Help You Unlock Performance Capital And Optimise Business Results

4 Questions To Help You Unlock Performance Capital And Optimise Business Results

What strategies do you tap into to ensure that your professional performance is the best it can be?

It’s a common myth that showing up and doing your job well is “the key” to securing promotion or opening the door to new opportunities. Unfortunately, it’s not. 

For you to reap the rewards from your professional input, you need to do things a certain way so that you actively enhance your own career and benefit the organisation you work for.

In our previous blog on reputation capital, we shared how to ensure you have the right type of exposure in the workplace so that you get noticed. Now we’re turning our focus to performance capital and how being more strategic can help you to add more value and accelerate your career.

How to create performance capital

If you’ve been reading our blogs for a while, you’ll know that Elevate Talent is passionate about strategic career development; why leave anything to chance? Likewise, in your career you need to think at a higher level so that you automatically do more than tick off your to-do list. For example, if you have completed 20 jobs on your to-do list, stop and question how many of those things actually add value to your colleagues, clients or the business that employs you.

Performance is about achieving the right end result; when you contribute to the bigger picture, it’s a game changer. This is important for senior leaders to be aware of, and the more that you are supported to thrive and be strategic, the greater the benefits to the overall business.

Performance strategy is complicated which is why we cover it in depth in our member webinars. As a taster, consider the following four questions:

-1- How do you show up? 

When you walk into a meeting room, what will you contribute?  What value will you add? 

-2- How do others show up when you work with them?

If you are working with people who lack performance strategy, you risk undermining your own performance. How might you change the dynamics of your working relationship so that your colleagues are also invested in creating performance capital? If they won’t raise their standards, you might need to consider distancing yourself from working or being associated with them.

-3- Is it time to reconsider how much you are doing for others?

This month in our member webinars we will delve into how to use “the law of reciprocity” in a strategic way. It’s unwise to keep supporting others in their roles if they never give back; if you want to advance your career, you need to strike a balance.

-4- How do you treat people?

Billionaire, entrepreneur and business magnate Sir Richard Branson once said that he “treated people the way that he would want to be treated”. I disagree with that principle. I believe that we need to treat people in line with how they want to be treated, and when you do that, you can guarantee that you’re generating performance capital (and adding benefits to the organisation as a whole).

Think of it like dancing: you need to understand the mood, timing, rhythm and how other people want to engage for a dance to be enjoyable. Likewise, in business it’s imperative that you understand the other person’s modus operandi. When you focus on how best to interact with others to strategically create the best possible outcome, you will optimise your own time and energy and are more likely to generate the desired end result.

Time to take centre stage

Now that you’ve turned your focus to performance capital, what might you do differently to catalyse results? As senior leaders, what results would you forecast if all of your staff started to optimise their performance and add lasting value as opposed to ticking off their to-do lists?

At Elevate Talent, we specialise in delivering high quality, bespoke online training to support mid-level executive women to progress their careers; and in doing so, we help organisations to perform at their best, retain their talent and make the most of the skill sets their female employees offer (you can read more about that in this blog). 

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