Why Unlocking Exposure Is The Key To Getting Promoted

Opportunities are everywhere. Even in difficult times the world is full of opportunities waiting to be grasped. However, more often than not, the thing getting in the way of us taking advantage of these opportunities isn’t external factors, it’s us!

However, we all have amazing potential inside ourselves waiting to be unlocked, if only we knew how…

Why It’s Vital Ambitious Women Consistently Show Up And Shine

Have you ever experienced a situation where you accidentally “discovered” that one of your team members was capable of way more than you first thought?

Would you agree that it would benefit your organisation if each person demonstrated their skills, personalities and unique talents in a way that made their true value clear?

What Helped 94% Of Ambitious Women Progress Their Careers In 2022?

How might your workforce and profitability be different if your female talent were in a strong position to speak up, take action, and drive forward their careers?

Would your staff retention rate increase? Would your clients or customers give rave reviews and send more business your way?

5 Key Benefits Of Hiring Women With Great Leadership Capital

There are five key ways that hiring or promoting female professionals with great leadership capital will directly benefit your organisation.

Our blogs over the past few weeks have shared how professional women can consistently build on their relationship, performance and reputation capital – together these three components create strong leadership capital.

How To Work With Your Hormones So They Positively Impact Your Performance

Ever had days when you feel like you’re wading through treacle? If you start to track your “off” days and the days when you are “in the zone”, you’ll probably notice a pattern – and you’ve got your hormones to thank for that!

Dr Stacy Sims once said, “Women are not small men”, which sums up this whole blog perfectly. If we’re not small men, why would we try to work or workout like them? We are different, and it’s time to play to our strengths.